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The Star This Fund Helps Sick and Injured Musicians with Nowhere Else to Turn. Now It Needs Help Itself

Medium How to Spend $100,000 to Break an Artist

CBC Musicians Band Together to Boycott Amazon Over Ties to ICE

Variety Trading In Music’s Futures: How to Cash In on the Industry’s Gold Rush (Guest Column)

Billboard How Tegan and Sara Defeated Ticket Resellers & Embraced Their Fans With 'Rush Seating' Concept

Hollywood Reporter "This Is an Extinction-Level Event": Musicians Fear for Livelihood Without Streaming Residuals

The Economist The Meaninglessness of Music Charts

The Guardian 'Mozart Would Have Made Video Game Music': Composer Eímear Noone on a Winning Art Form

DJ Booth Library Music Is Changing the Sampling Game In Hip-Hop

The Root Lizzo Responds to Plagiarism Claim, Says She Is 'Sharing Success' With Original '100 %' Tweeter, 'Not These Men'

Complex The NYPD Is Requesting Rappers Be Removed From Shows. What’s Next?

She Shreds Mag What a Safe and Inclusive Music Industry Looks Like, According to You

Medium Why I Charge People to Get Coffee With Me

Billboard The Importance of Self-Care for Songwriters: 'If You're Not Refilling the Well, What Do You Have to Give?' Recapping Parx Studios' Burnout Camp, Pt. 1

DJ Booth The Artist-Fan Relationship: Patience, Trust & Promises

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