Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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Music Business Worldwide 'It's Important for Spotify to have a Global Reach, but a Local Touch.'

SOCAN Words and Music Cisac Report: Creators’ Royalties Reach a Record $14.2 Billion Worldwide

Music Tech Solutions Should the Copyright Office’s Best Practices Shine Sunlight on the Unmatched?

Lexology Will the Music Industry Continue To Win Its Copyright Battle Against ISPs?

RPPA-APPR Air Passenger Protection - Know your rights

Exclaim BandLaunch Helps Canadian Artists Take Charge of Their Economic Future

CBC Musicians Want City to Provide More Affordable Performance Spaces for Emerging Artists

Music Business Worldwide MMF Report Identifies ‘Need to Explore New Commercial Models Between Managers and Their Clients’

Forbes New Metadata Standard Will Make Music Easier To Find

Music Business Worldwide 'Warner Records Cares About Having the Right Artists, Not Having the Most Artists.'

Unison Fund Movement for Music Professionals

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