Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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FYI Music News Indigenous Music Contributed Almost $80M To Canada's GDP in 2018

CBC Cowboy Junkies' Margo Timmins Calls out Sexism in the Music Industry

Complete Music Update Soundcloud Launches New Marketing Tool for Artists

Quartz The Future of Live Music Lives on Your Smartphone

Complete Music Update Bytedance’s Planned Streaming Service Close, Says FT

Variety Rising Execs From Spotify, Downtown, Capitol Among Music’s New Leaders

Billboard The First Artist in Years to Top Spotify Without Label Support

Music Business Worldwide Mechanical Licensing Collective Reaches Funding Deal; Will Receive $33.5m for Start-Up Costs

Complete Music Update Academics Intervene on Copyright Safe Harbour Debates in the US and Europe

Transmission Indigenous Music GDP Cowboy Junkies Margo Timmins Sexism ByteDance Streaming Serivices Sportify Label !K7 Jazz Label Mechanical Licensing Collective Funding Deal Academics Copyright Safe Harbour Debates Smartphones Live Music SoundCloud

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