Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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Jacobin Musicians Can and Should Organize to Improve Their Pay and Working Conditions

Beats & Bytes Understanding Artist Growth Patterns With Predictive A&R: Part 1

Noisey Touring Is Hard, and Band Therapists Are Here to Help

Billboard Cyndi Lauper Emphasizes Importance of Supporting Other Women in Music: 'The Playing Field Has to Be Leveled'

Forbes It’s 2020. Why Is The Music Industry Still Harmful To Black Women?

Rolling Stone At Work With Emily Lazar, Grammy-Winning Mastering Engineer

The Creative Independent Music Industry Investigation Report

Medium How Platform Capitalism Devalued the Music Industry

Variety Music Supervisors to Watch: 10 Tastemakers Soundtracking Today’s Top Shows and Films

8 Sided Blog The Shifting Definition of Independent Music

The Future of What? Episode #177 : Where Do Black Box Royalties Go?

Transmission Musicians Fair Pay Working Conditions Predictive A&R Band Therapists Cyndi Lauper Supporting Women in Music Black Women in The Music Industry Emily Lazar Grammy-Winning Mastering Engineer Music Industry Investigation Report Platform Capitalism Devaluing Music Industry Music Supervisors Soundtracking Top Shows and Films Independent Music Definition Black Box Royalities

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