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CIMA SXSW Cancellation: A Message from CIMA

NPR Coronavirus Concerns Stymie Live Music Performances And SXSW 

Music Ally SXSW Cancelled Due to Coronavirus: So What Next for Music?

Billboard SXSW Coronavirus Cancellation a ‘Hard Pill to Swallow’ for Artists & Execs Missing Out

Citylab How Coronavirus Took Down SX

Winnipeg Free Press Making the Case for Supporting the Arts

The Globe and Mail Should There Be an Indigenous Juno Awards Category?

The Trichordist 2019-2020 Streaming Price Bible : YouTube is STILL The #1 Problem To Solve

Music Business Worldwide The Global Recorded Music Business Generated Over $50m a Day Last Year – and More Than $2m of It Went to DIY Artists

The Guardian Music Industry Fears Bands Will Be Unable to Tour UK Without Visas

Bloomberg Bands Try to Cut Back on Touring’s Massive Carbon Footprint

Variety Tribeca-Bound ‘Underplayed’ Puts Spotlight on Gender Inequality in Electronic Music

Billboard Music Companies Suffer Damage From Nashville Tornadoes

NBC News From BTS to Justin Bieber, stars are finally talking about the mental health costs of tourin

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