Music Business Headlines Roundup

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FYI Music News Unison Announces a $500K COVID-19 Music Industry Relief Program 

Exclaim Claire Dagenais Appointed Executive Director of Polaris Music Prize

Rolling Stone Indie Artists Turn to Livestreaming as Coronavirus Crisis Unfolds

The Guardian Musicians Ask Spotify to Triple Payments to Cover Lost Concert Revenue

Pitchfork The Never-Ending Couch Tour: How Livestreams and Social Media Have Already Transformed Live Music

The Verge Tours Are Canceled, so Musicians Are Turning to Twitch

Afropunk In the Face of a Pandemic: Support Your Local Music Scene

Vibe The Definitive Guide to Spotify Royalties

Medium The Value of Music In Our New Age of Coronavirus

Billboard How Independent Venues Are Dealing With Large-Gathering Coronavirus Bans, Inevitable Loss of Small Rooms

The Globe and Mail Canada’s Live-Music Industry Calls for Government Support as Coronavirus Cripples Concerts

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