Meet the Mentors: Andrina Turenne, Leanne Goose, Stu Anderson

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Andrina Turenne
Leanne Goose
Stu Anderson

For those who have technical writing skills, grant writing can become a lucrative source of income while providing necessary support for artists and companies who don’t have the capacity or know-how to do it for themselves. This online discussion, Zoom Session: Getting Started as a Grant Writer on April 7, will provide information to those who are interested in writing grants for other artists, companies, and projects. Whether you’ve had long term success with writing applications, or you’re just getting started, this session offers guidance for best practices, standard rates and payment structures, ongoing resources, and building a client-base for creating entrepreneurship as a grant writer.

Andrina Turenne is a singer, songwriter, and musician born and raised in St Boniface, Manitoba with strong ties to her Métis and Francophone roots. Over the last two decades, she has toured extensively over five continents and recorded multiple records with her own groups, including JUNO award-winning Chic Gamine. She has released 7 albums and has sang on over 35 professionally-released albums. In the last few years, she has composed music for original theatre productions and short films. She now writes, records and performs as a solo artist, building on years of experience both on and off the stage. 

Leanne Goose is from Canada's Western Arctic town of Inuvik, Northwest Territories. She is a MacEwan University Alumna and studied Professional Communication as well as Arts and Cultural Management. Leanne is also a multi-nominated singer-songwriter, musician, producer, storyteller, arts manager and communicator. Her work has been licensed to government, featured in film, books, radio and television. Leanne’s drive is influenced by her western arctic cultures of the Inuvialuit and Sahtu Dene peoples. She grew up in a traditional home as a child, until she began playing music with her father at the age of 12. Leanne learned to manage the band on and off stage. Today she is a dedicated advocate for artists and organizations such as the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre as Director, former Director at Music NWT, and various contributions to Indigenous arts and cultural organizations.

At Mighty Cypress, Stu Anderson manages the careers of Begonia, The Bros. Landreth, Joey Landreth, Living Hour, Royal Canoe, and Sebastian Gaskin. Stu also runs Birthday Cake, which is a record label and publishing company partnered with The Orchard and Warner Chappell. 

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