Signal Boost: Manitoba Music News Roundup

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Amber Epp (Solo, Trio Bembe, Papa Mambo)
Amos the Kid
Anthony OKS
Ashley Au
C-Weed Band
Cole Shway
Ian Krochak
Jacob Brodovsky
John K. Samson
Kimberley Dawn
Noah Derksen
Northern Royals
Olivia Lunny
Scott Nolan
The Weakerthans
William Prince
Yes We Mystic

Winnipeg Free Press Gigs Move From the Road to the Information Highway | RayannahNoah Derksen, Amber EppHellnback, Ashley Au, Anthony OKSManitoba Music

ONFR+  Musique, Littérature, Cinéma, Théâtre D’Ici ET D’Ailleurs Depuis Le Salon | Rayannah

Billboard Rising Pop Singer Olivia Lunny Has a Very Human Reaction to a Breakup | Olivia Lunny 

Metro C-Weed donates to Agape Table | C-Weed

CJNG Kimberley Dawn Interview | Kimberley Dawn

Paper Cut Winnipeg LLUX | LLUX

Stylus Magazine Album Review :: Northern Royals :: Fit For A King | Northern Royals

Stylus Magazine Album Review :: Boniface :: Boniface | Boniface

Paper Cut Winnipeg Quick Cuts w/ Muzo | Muzo

Popklikk Musikkpreik med The Little Hands of Asphalt | John K Samson, The Weakerthans

People Magazine Kelly Clarkson Tackles New Single "I Dare You" in Foreign Languages | Faouzia

The National Listen to Kelly Clarkson Sing in Arabic Thanks to Her New Single | Faouzia

Pop Sugar I Dare You Not to Love This International Version of Kelly Clarkson's New Single | Faouzia

Rolling Stone Kelly Clarkson Touts Resilience in Uplifting New Song, ‘I Dare You’ | Faouzia

USA Today In The Middle of a Pandemic, Kelly Clarkson Wants You to Love With New Song 'I Dare You' | Faouzia

Variety Kelly Clarkson Drops New Single, ‘I Dare You,’ With Duets in Five Languages | Faouzia

Stylus Magazine Album Review :: Cole Shway :: Sleepwalking | Cole Shway

Paper Cut Winnipeg Quick Cuts w/ Jacob Brodovsky | Jacob Brodovsky

Exclaim! Winnipeg Folk-Rocker Amos the Kid Yearns for Connection on 'Mountain View' EP | Amos the Kid, Yes We Mystic

WitchPolice Radio WR478: Ian Krochak | Ian Krochak

Broadway World Ben de la Cour to Release Latest Album SHADOW LAND | William Prince, Scott Nolan, Richard Inman

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