Signal Boost: Manitoba Music News Roundup

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Nic Dyson
Amber Epp (Solo, Trio Bembe, Papa Mambo)
Ashley Au
Mobina Galore
Nic Dyson
Noah Derksen
Rhonda Head
The Small Glories
The Village Idiots
Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival
William Prince

FYI Music News Music News Digest, April 10, 2020 | Manitoba Music, Rayannah, Noah Derksen, Amber EppHellnback, Ashley Au, Anthony Sannie, The Village Idiots

Savvy News Canadians Provincial COVID-19 Financial Assistance Programs and Benefits in Canada | Manitoba Music

Jazz Corner New Rhonda Head Single Creates Deeper Connection With Listener | Rhonda Head

Exclaim Here Are All the 2020 Canadian Folk Music Awards Winners | The Small Glories

Vents Magazine William Prince Releases New Single ‘That’s All I’ll Ever Become’ | William Prince

Nuevo Culture Tours: Mobina Galore release video, rescheduled EU tour dates, and announce documentary | Mobina Galore

Punk News Mobina Galore Release Video, Reschedulmobina Galore Release Video, Rescheduled EU Tour Dates, and Announce Documentaryed EU Tour Dates, and Announce Documentary | Mobina Galore

Winnipeg Music Project WMP130: LLUX | LLUX

Stylus Magazine Artist Q & A :: Nic Dyson | Nic Dyson

Portage Online Whoop & Hollar Open Mic Night Goes Virtual | Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival

Empire Extreme AP&R Playlist: Midwestern Pop Punk, International Techno and Raw Pop | Faouzia

WitchPolice Radio WR476: Solanum | Solanum 

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