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The Verge Blackout Tuesday Posts Are Drowning out Vital Information Shared Under the BLM Hashtag (Added June 2)

CBC Black out Tuesday: Music Industry Plans Day of Business Disruption in Solidarity With Black Community

NME Music Industry Plans Blackout in Solidarity With Black Community Following George Floyd Death

CBC The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival is Going Virtual

The New York Times Immigration Agency That Issues Visas, Green Cards Struggles to Stay Afloat

Now Toronto What Is the Future of Live Music in Toronto?

CBC Drive-In Event Organizers Crestfallen Over New 50-Vehicle Limit in B.C.

The Washington Post Copyright Bots and Classical Musicians are Fighting Online. The Bots are Winning.

Musically The Future of Music Releases. Albums vs EPs vs Playlist vs Mixtapes

The Ringer How Music Videos Get Made in the Time of the Coronavirus

Noisey Coronavirus Is Making Record Labels Scrappier

CBC Saskatoon Band The Garrys Cautioning Others About Live Stream Scams After Being Targeted

Billboard What Place Will Virtual Tipping Have in the Post-Pandemic Music Industry?

GQ Magazine Live Music Is Merging With Video Games – and Giving Us a Glimpse of the Future

NPR The Ups And Downs Of Nashville's New Digitally Distanced Songwriting Sessions

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