Welcome Stacha Penner and Veronica Sayese

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Stacha Penner (left) and Veronica Sayese (right)

We're excited to welcome two fantastic and talented people to the Manitoba Music team for a few months through the Canada Summer Jobs program! 

Stacha Penner joins as Marketing Assistant, working with the team on marketing, digital strategy, MB Live and live music listings, professional and industry development research, and more. She brings her experience in social media management and her unique experience as a dance teacher and choreographer. Stacha’s love for local art and music has been cultivated through her years working within Winnipeg’s dance community. In addition, she is pursuing a Bachelor of of Business and Administration at the University of Winnipeg. 

Veronica Sayese joins as the Indigenous Music Communications & Admin intern. They are a 2-spirit artist and musician from Northwest Angle #33 Ontario. They joined the music scene in 2015 as a solo artist playing indie-folk music and are currently performing with their band Tinge. As a former team member of one of Winnipeg’s many great brands and media presences - they carry experience ranging from administration, marketing and communications. In addition, they are pursuing a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Manitoba with goals to continue engaging indigenous communities within the music industry. 

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