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Pitchfork What It’s Like to Be Black in Indie Music

CBC Music The Juno Awards to Split R&B/Soul Categories Into 2 New Awards

Genius An Entertainment Lawyer Breaks Down What You Need to Know Before Signing Your First Contract

The Creative Independent 19 Things I’d Tell People Contemplating Starting a Record Label (After Running One for 19 Years)

Midia Independent Artist Creativity and Innovation in the Age of COVID-19

Winnipeg Free Press Changing the Score - WSO Learns From European Pandemic Experience in Conducting Safe Return to the Stage

Los Angeles Times Tiktok Has Been Saved. but for Music, Is That a Good Thing? 

Music Business Worldwide Twitch, Still Unlicensed by Majors, Launches Rights-Cleared Music via Deals With Indie Distributors and Labels

musically The Bigger Picture Around Twitch, Music Licensing, and Industry Criticism

Pretzel Let’s talk about Twitch Soundtrack

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