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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.


EDMTunes Zoom Fatigue Is Plaguing The Music Industry

Diginomica Striking the Right Note - the Importance of Data Management in the Digital Music Industry 

Complex How 6 Rising Canadian Artists Have Pivoted During COVID-19

Bloomberg The Bitter End and Other Concert Venues Say They Won’t Survive Without a Bailout

The Hollywood Reporter Will Live Events Return? There May Be No "Back to Normal"

The New York Times The Concerts Were Canceled Months Ago. So Where Are the Refunds?

Billboard Good News for Livestreams: Half of Music Fans Want Virtual Concerts

Rolling Stone Pay-for-Play Was Banned From Radio — But Texts Reveal It May Still Be Thriving

Magnetic Magazine Op-Ed: The Us Government Has Abandoned the Music Industry

BNN Bloomberg A 'New Era' for the Music Industry: Hip Hop Veteran K-OS on Adapting to COVID-19

npr How a Hip-Hop Conspiracy Theory Sheds Light on the Cracks in American Justice

Winnipeg Free Press Polaris Music Prize Commissions Filmmakers for Alternative Format to Gala Awards Show

Billboard Spotify Wants Fairness for Themselves, But Not Songwriters

Music Business Worldwide Spotify Is Launching a New Global Brand to ‘Connect With Black Audiences’

Billboard Why Have There Been So Many No. 1 Debuts This Year on the Hot 100?

Music Business Worldwide Spotify Gets Serious About Its Charts, Launching Weekly Top 50 Lists for Albums and Songs

The Guardian Why Kanye West's Fight for His Masters Marks a Changing Music Industry 

Billboard BMG Eliminates 'Unacceptable' Royalty Deduction, Other Labels Urged to Follow

Winnipeg Free Press Lost Art of the Live Album - Music Fans Hungry for an Encore Can Dig Out a Classic

Something Old On YouTube + Music Criticism

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