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About BPM

The Black community has an immeasurable impact on music and culture across the globe and here in Manitoba. Everyday, we listen to music created, produced, and inspired by Black artists yet they still face discrimination and barriers within the industry. Dismantling these barriers begins with recognizing the need for Black music professionals to have their own specific spaces within the industry.

Launched in February 2021 and facilitated by artist and business owner Andrew Sannie, BPM | Black Professionals in Music is a program via Manitoba Music that supports Black music professionals in Manitoba. BPM offers regular sessions for participants to meet and network, join discussion groups, and learn from one another. Participants can bring ideas, share their professional needs and barriers, and influence the future direction of the program.

To get involved, please email bpm@manitobamusic.com.

Participants music be residents of Manitoba and identify as a Black musicians or music industry professionals.

The original artwork for BPM was created by Gabriel Akinrinmade, Box of Wolves.

BPM Speaker Series

Manitoba Music celebrated Black History Month with the launch of a virtual speaker series featuring Black music industry professionals. The series aims to connect with and inspire emerging Black music entrepreneurs and musicians and recognize the immeasurable impact of the Black community on music and culture across the globe and here in Manitoba.

The series is presented through the BPM | Black Music Professionals program and in partnership with Black History Manitoba and will feature influential speakers sharing their career journeys and lived experiences working in the music business, showing different career paths. The series will be streamed live via our Facebook and YouTube. The BPM Speaker Series is made possible by the support of FACTOR

Watch the first BPM Speaker Series with Vivian Barclay

Watch the second BPM Speaker Series with Witch Prophet

Watch the third BPM Speaker Series with Dalton Higgins 

Andrew Sannie

Andrew Sannie is a Canadian creative and business owner, as well as a member of acclaimed Canadian hip hop group, The Lytics. Andrew is also a co-founder of Canadian based experiential marketing and consultation company, Grape Experiential. In his personal time, Andrew works with several community groups and non-profits contributing to executive boards of several organizations across the country.

ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective

Driven by the heart, soul and sounds of Black voices across Canada’s music entertainment industry, ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, is leading the change in developing an infrastructure for the betterment, upliftment and retention of Black people in the music business.

Serving as a unified front for Black people working within all sectors of the Canadian music industry, Advance creates conditions for long-term success by addressing racial equality and inclusivity through four areas: Advocacy, Mentorship, Community Outreach and Business Development and Entrepreneurship. 

By holding the corporate, private and government sectors accountable, Advance is committed to building a more equitable Canadian music industry that grants Canada’s Black music communities a fair and valued voice in a consistently growing music nation.


BPM Playlist

Coinciding with the BPM program, Manitoba Music launch a Spotify playlist to recognize Black artists from Manitoba, celebrating their contributions and amplifying their voices. Each month, a guest curator will share music by Manitoba-based artists.

Guest curator spots are open to all BPM participants and offer a small honorarium. Email info@manitobamusic.com if you're interested in signing up for a spot. 

Guest curators will be asked to provide:

  • A Spotify playlist link (songs will be copied to Manitoba Music's Spotify) of up to one hour featuring Black artists from Manitoba.
  • Playlist may include up to three songs by the guest curator, if applicable.
  • A short bio


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