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Updated July 22, 2021

Next BPM Session


Thursday, July 29 at 6PM via Zoom


July's BPM session will dive into the topic of brand experience, looking at the principles of developing a cohesive experience in every aspect of your brand and how to make brand choices that will sell in today's market. Whether through sartorial aesthetics, brand iconography or stage and online presence, Grape Experiential will give you the inside on nailing every touchpoint and a crash course on creating a brand experience that will resonate across social platforms, stages and even affect your music. 

How to get Involved

To get involved, please email bpm@manitobamusic.com. Participation is free and open to residents of Manitoba who identify as a Black musicians or music industry professional. 


BPM is a new program via Manitoba Music focused on supporting Black music professionals in Manitoba, supported by ADVANCE, Canada's Black Music Business Collective. Each month  BPM offers participants a chance to meet and network, join discussion groups, and learn from other Black industry pros from across the globe. Bring your ideas to the table, share about your professional needs and any barriers you’re facing to advancing your career, and influence the direction of this program as it develops. BPM is facilitated by creative and business owner Andrew Sannie. Read more about the launch of BPM


Andrew Sannie is a Canadian creative and business owner, as well as a member of acclaimed Canadian hip hop group, The Lytics. Andrew is also a co-founder of Canadian based experiential marketing and consultation company, Grape Experiential. In his personal time, Andrew works with several community groups and non-profits contributing to executive boards of several organizations across the country.


At Grape, we understand that in order to engage the right audiences, you need to innovate, connect in new ways, and do the unexpected. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

We work with companies looking to build long-lasting partnerships, who approach us when they want to try something new.

Whether through pop-up activations, immersive events, retail and hospitality experience design, or in-depth consultation – we push the boundaries on what brand engagement can look like, and are of the firm belief that no idea is too crazy.


Driven by the heart, soul and sounds of Black voices across Canada’s music entertainment industry, ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, is leading the change in developing an infrastructure for the betterment, upliftment and retention of Black people in the music business.

Serving as a unified front for Black people working within all sectors of the Canadian music industry, Advance creates conditions for long-term success by addressing racial equality and inclusivity through four areas: Advocacy, Mentorship, Community Outreach and Business Development and Entrepreneurship. 

By holding the corporate, private and government sectors accountable, Advance is committed to building a more equitable Canadian music industry that grants Canada’s Black music communities a fair and valued voice in a consistently growing music nation.

BPM Playlist

Coinciding with the BPM program, Manitoba Music launch a Spotify playlist to recognize Black artists from Manitoba, celebrating their contributions and amplifying their voices. Each month, a guest curator will share music by Manitoba-based artists.

Guest curator spots are open to all BPM participants and offer a small honorarium. Email info@manitobamusic.com if you're interested in signing up for a spot. 

Guest curators will asked to provide:

  • A Spotify playlist link (songs will be copied to Manitoba Music's Spotify) of up to one hour featuring Black artists from Manitoba. Playlist may include up to three songs by the guest curator, if applicable.
  • A current high resolution promotional image
  • A short bio

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