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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.  

Kilometre Music Group Music Industry Leaders Launch Kilometre Music Group to Reclaim Music Rights of Canadian Artists

Complex How Bandcamp Fridays Have Helped Artists Earn Over $44 Million During the Pandemic

Music Business Worldwide Soundcloud Is About to Revolutionize Streaming Payouts, Launching User-Centric Royalties for 100,000 Indie Artists

FYI Music News CMRRA Expands To Collect International Mechanical Royalties

Global News What Are NFTs? Alan Cross Explains Why the Music Industry Is Going Crazy for Them

Penny Fractions The Rise of the Digital Music Distributor

Downbeat Pandemic Presents An Opportunity For Artists To Assess Career Goals

NME Rage Against the Machine Won’t Play Socially-Distanced Shows: “We’ll Never Be Sellouts”

Billboard Label Look: How Monstercat's Gaming Partnerships Have Helped Its Acts Thrive Through the Pandemic

CBC Ontario Pledges $25m to Give Arts Sector 'a Fighting Chance'

Pitchfork Decolonizing Electronic Music Starts With Its Software

CBC Jack Dorsey's Square Buys Jay-Z's Tidal Music Streaming Service

Flipboard Why Would Square Buy Music Streaming Service Tidal?

Billboard News New Study Reveals "No Meaningful Change" For Women in Recorded Music

Audiofemme For Single Moms in the Music Industry, the Battle for Respect Is Real

Variety From Blackpink to Top Execs: Women in Music Who Have Made an Impact in Global Entertainment

National Observer Talented Indigenous Musicians Now Have a Record Label to Call Their Own

CBC From Prairies to Bollywood: Record Deal Shows Power of Tiktok to Get Diverse Artists Noticed

Torrent Freak Record Labels Blame YouTube For a Lot of Things But Continue to Upload Music

Mobile Syrup Majority of Canadians Say Music Streaming Services Should Support Cancon: CRTC Survey 

The Verge Spotify Hifi Is a Lossless Streaming Tier Coming Later This Year

Music Business Worldwide Spotify to Expand Into Over 80 New Markets Across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America

Winnipeg Free Press Four Strings and a Dream - Cheap, Portable and Easy to Learn, the Ukulele Is Having a Moment as Pandemic-Weary People Strum Away the Glum


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