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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.  

Forbes How Digital Marketing is Transforming the Music Industry

npr Are You Ready To Rock? Music Festivals Prepare for a 2021 Comeback

Digital Music News Clubhouse Payments Launches, Giving Creators a Way to Earn Money

Complex California Will Allow Indoor Concerts to Resume Beginning April 15

Beatroute If NFTs Confuse You, This Is The Breakdown To Read

Marker Live Music Is About to Get Its Grand Reopening (And it’s going to be total chaos)

The Runner A Look at a New Record Label Created for Indigenous Musicians

Music Business Headlines Julie Greenwald, Sylvia Rhone and Susan Wojcicki Tell Lyor Cohen About ‘redefining Male - Dominated Industries’

Digital Music News Sounds Sphere, an Upscale Beat Library for Artists & Songwriters, Aims To Help Make Creating Professional Songs a Lot Easier

A Journal of Music Things Ever Wonder Why Drums Sound the Same on Many of Today’s Recordings?

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