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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.  

Billboard A Guide to Mental Health Resources for Music Professionals (Updating)

Toronto Star Streaming Services Aren’t Equitably Sharing Profits With Music Artists. Bill C-10 Could Help Change This

Ottawa Citizen Why Festivals Will Be Key to Canada's Post-COVID Economic Recovery

National Post Hall in One: The Rise of CARAS and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

The Daily Aztec Why You Should Care About Sampling

Music Business Worldwide Music Financing Doesn’t Have to Lead to Seller’s Remorse.

The Globe and Mail Musicians Frustrated With Streaming Services’ Paltry Payouts Are Fighting Back

The New York Times Musicians Say Streaming Doesn’t Pay. Can the Industry Change?

Billboard Play It Again, Fan: Songwriters Seek 'Repeat' Customers in Streaming Age

Billboard Black Songwriters Share Their Experiences In Country Music: 'It Feels Both Hopeful and Unpredictable'

The New York Times Where Is Country Music Making Room for Women?

Planet Radio New Initiative Calling for Music Industry to Donate Percentage of Income to Tackle Climate Change

Music Tech Twitter’s New Tip Jar Lets Followers Donate Directly to Bandcamp Profiles

Music x Why Twitter Is Better Positioned for Tipping Musicians Than Streaming Services Like Spotify and Soundcloud

Digital Music News Soundcloud and Triller Partner to Amplify Emerging Artists


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