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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

CBC Music 2021: The Year Of Healing

Music Business Worldwide ‘The Music Industry Revolves Around The Song.’

Y Pulse How Gen Z & Millennials’ Music Discovery Has Changed, In 2 Charts

The Guardian Music Industry Unites to Pledge Net-Zero Emissions by 2050

Canadian Live Music Association Take Action: Help Bill C-2 to Pass

CBC Music Why PIQSIQ Wants a Juno Nomination for Best Gospel Album

Crosscut. Live From Seattle: A Brand-new Indigenous Radio Station

CBC How Florent Vollant Helped Build A 'Tower Of Greatness' For Indigenous Musicians

Billboard How Increasing The Velocity Of Money Will Transform The Music Biz

Complete Music Update Spotlight Put on the Merch Commissions Charged by Venues

The Guardian Rockin’ Around The Christmas Streams: Why Festive Music Is Bigger Than Ever

Variety Universal Music Group And Genies Announce Global Partnership To Develop Avatars And Wearable NFTs

Billboard How Spotify Helped Nearly 300 Afghan Music Students And Teachers Reach Portugal

Music Business Worldwide Midem Is Finished, Say MBW Sources

Digital Music News UK Music Venues Are On ‘Brink of Collapse’ As Attendance, Income Suffer Double-Digit Declines, Study Says

Toronto Star Limit Our Contacts Because Of Omicron? Tell That To The Maskless Crowds At The Arenas, Concerts And Restaurants

Digital Music News Bruce Springsteen Sells Entire Catalog To Sony Music Entertainment In Estimated $500 Million Deal

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