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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

Exclaim As Lockdowns Lift, Canadian Musicians Need Mental Health Support More Than Ever

Hypebot Amazon Music Is About To Become #2 In U.S. Streaming Market

Music Business Worldwide Is This The Real Reason Epic Games Acquired Bandcamp? (Clue: It’s Got Nothing To Do With The Metaverse.)

The Age History Made As Indigenous Conductor Takes The Stage

Billboard SeeHer & Breakr Launch #HerBigBreak Mentorship Program For Emerging Female Musicians

Hyperbot More Women Leaders Moving The Music Business Forward In 2022

Winnipeg Free Press Summer Music Festival In Quebec Facing Backlash For Not Including Female Artists

Bristol 24/7 New Bristol Nights Campaign To Take Stand Against Sexual Harassment

Digital Music News Developing Trends In The Music Sync Space — A Worldwide Conversation With Leading Female Music Supervisors

Music Business Worldwide Spotify Just Patented Its Own A&r Technology To Predict Breaking Artists. Should Labels Be Concerned?

Toronto Star ‘I got scared’: Fefe Dobson Faces Her Past ‘fear’ With A Return To Music

Billboard What’s In A Band Name? Apparently Lots Of Litigation

Digital Music News CD Sales Rose for the First Time In Nearly 20 Years — Joining the Vinyl Revival

The Verge Vimeo Is Telling Creators To Suddenly Pay Thousands Of Dollars — Or Leave The Platform

Variety Luminate Is The New Name of P-MRC Data, Source Of Music And Entertainment Industry Data

Music Business Worldwide Why Are Hedge Funds Urging Songwriters To Sell Their Catalogs Right Now? Think About It.

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