Thank You Ashley Bieniarz and Jacques Richer

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We’re saying a huge thank you to two members of the Manitoba Music team this week, Ashley Bieniarz and Jacques Richer, as their contracts wind up at the end of this month.

Ashley began her time with us as a volunteer and a summer intern before joining us full-time in 2019 as administrative assistant. In 2021, she took on a new role as Indigenous Music Development Program Coordinator position while Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais was on mat leave.

Ashley has been a foundational part of Manitoba Music during her time with us. In particular, her work strengthening the grassroots songwriter community and her impactful IMDP programming have left an indelible mark. Her curiosity, perspective, and drive for excellence in all she does have been an inspiration. She’s challenged us to think differently and to always make sure we’re meeting people where they are, keeping doors open, and actively welcoming folks in.

We’re thrilled that Ashley will continue her dedication to the local songwriter community at the helm of our open mic nights!

We’re grateful for the opportunity to grow alongside Ashley and be a part of her journey. Looking forward to all she’s going to do!

Jacques joined our team in 2018 to coordinate our Francophone music development activities.

No stranger to the music scene, Jacques brought with him serious DIY music chops as a touring musician in punk rock outfit, Screaming at Traffic. He combined that skill set with his dedication to supporting the Francophone music community across Manitoba and Western Canada, creating new opportunities for artists and music companies to build their networks and markets, and take their careers to new levels. During his time with us, Jacques has been the definition of a supportive, kind, and enthusiastic team member. He is the first to offer to help, sharing his expertise and calm energy on many projects, always going above and beyond. He’s encouraged us to work compassionately and inclusively and to build new community connections.

We’re very excited to continue working with Jacques in new ways, including on upcoming Francophone programming.

We’ve thankful to have had the chance to work with Jacques and wish him the very best in all he has coming up!

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