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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

Variety Inside the Multi-Billion Dollar Battle Royale Over Music-Streaming Royalties

Music Business Worldwide Why The Debate Over Fan-powered Royalties Is More Complicated Than ‘Fairness’

Complete Music Update Snapchat Launches Creator Fund for Independent Music-makers

Hypebot YouTube Basics For Songwriters, Producers: How To Get Paid And Protect Your Work

Music Business Headlines Is Old Music Really Exploding On TikTok, Or Has Our Definition Of ‘Catalog’ Become Outdated?

The Verge A TikTok Music App Could Challenge Spotify And Apple

Musically TikTok’s SoundOn Service Allows Official Pre-Releases Of Songs

Digital Music News Shopify Announces Strategic Investment in Single

Billboard Can Snap Bounce Back — And Change Live Music’s Future?

Digital Music News SoundCloud to Lay Off 20% of Global Workforce Due to ‘The Challenging Economic Climate and Financial Market Headwinds’

Musically Spotify’s Audio Ad Revenue Shows Possibility For More Growth

Buzzfeed News Music Legend Diane Warren Said She Didn’t Mean To Shade Beyoncé After Questioning How Many People It Takes To Write A Song

CHRON Beyoncé Removes Kelis Sample From 'Renaissance' Album Following Crediting Conflict

Variety Live Nation Posts Robust 2022 Second Quarter, Says It’s on Track for a Record Year

CBC Radio Why Music, Especially Old Music, Can Tap Into Our Deepest, Most Meaningful Life Memories

The Globe And Mail Canada’s Major Arts And Culture Organizations Fall Victim To Cyberattack

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