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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

Indigenous Music Summit Save The Date, International Indigenous Music Summit Will Take Place from May 31 To June 4, 2023

Variety Audio Engineers Have The Ears Of The Artists, And Now A Piece Of The Publishing

Exclaim Lizzo On The Anti-Black Origin Of Pop Music: "Genre's Racist Inherently"

Music Business Worldwide ‘Streaming Has Unshackled Us To Compete And Unshackled Artists To Be Heard.’

Digital Music News For the First Time Ever, Annual Music Streams Top 1 Trillion — In the US Alone

The Guardian A Free Spotify Alternative? How US Libraries Became The Place To Stream Your New Favorite Band

Musically 22 Best Data Sources To Understand The Music Industry In 2022

Digital Music News Dutch Music Festival Mysteryland to Run on Locally-Generated Green Grid Power

Music Business Worldwide How $40m-Backed Symphonic Distribution Plans To Be A ‘True Alternative’ To Traditional Labels

Digital Music News Africa’s Boomplay Inks Partnership Deal With Telecom Giant MTN Ghana — ‘An Exciting Prospect for the Future of Our Music Industry’

The Guardian UK Music Streaming Services Not Making Excessive Profits, Says Watchdog

MusicAlly Women In Music’s Third Annual Summit Will Be A Global Event

CTV News 'Love Is Blind' Music Produced In Edmonton Basement

Exclaim Neil Young Has A Plan To Tour Sustainably: "Nothing Dirty With Us"

MusicAlly UK Charity Youth Music Launches Latest Round Of Incubator Fund

Music Business Worldwide Tech Start-up Logcast Unveils Spotify Integration That Lets Creators Charge For Talk Content

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