Thank You Claire Boning

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Claire Boning

We’re saying a big thank you to Claire Boning as she moves on to new things at the end of this week. 

Claire joined the team in 2016 to assist with program administration and has gone on to do, well… most everything. During her six years with us, she’s brought a harmonious approach to just about every program, project, and event, and has been at the heart of Manitoba Music. She took on new levels of responsibility in 2019, coordinating membership, Market Access Fund, volunteers, and running export market and audience development activities and events like the PASSPORT Music Export Summit, Youth Mentorship Program, and New Music Night.

Claire has been the first to welcome many new members to Manitoba Music, and to help them navigate our association and the music industry. She’s been a strong champion of local artists and the first to lend an ear and a hand. She has taught us much about compassion and dedication to making the music industry a safer, better place for all. We’re so grateful for her empathy, perspective, curiosity, steady excellence, and enthusiasm. 

We look forward to staying connected with Claire on future projects and are excited for her next steps!


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