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Here's your weekly go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

Pitchfork Women and Nonbinary Producers and Engineers “Vastly Underrepresented” in 2022’s Top Songs, New Study Finds

The Globe and Mail On Musician Touring Visas, The United States Needs To Change Its Tune

Billboard Latin Music Revenue Passes $1 Billion for All-Time High

CBC Music From AI To Floppy Disks, Musicians Are 'Collaborating' With Tech To Make Wildly Original Sounds

Yahoo Finance The Head Of Tech At Indie Music Publisher Tunecore Credits The Company's Growth To Its Collaborative Approach To Building New Products

Variety Universal Music Asks Streaming Services to Block AI Access to Its Songs

The Guardian ‘We Need To Break Down Their Power’: Why Australian Music Is Facing An ‘Existential Threat’

Buzzfeed People Are Freaking Out Over How Much Diddy Has To Pay Sting Every Single Day For Sampling His Song

Billboard The Woman Behind Music’s Most Important Catalog Valuations Explains How It’s Done

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