HYPERART Brings Together Music, Art, Drag, and Dance on Nuit Blanche

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Anthony OKS
Brady Allard
Andrina Turenne
Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain
French Rk
Le 100 NONS

HYPERART returns to Nuit Blanche on Saturday, September 23 with an immersive multidisciplinary festival that blends music, visual art, digital art, drag, and dance in the heart of Saint-Boniface.

The Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain and Théâtre Cercle Molière will be transformed to welcome a multitude of artists and dynamic installations under the direction of the Franco-Manitoban artist Rayannah in collaboration with Synonym Art Consultation. Visitors can explore the indoor and outdoor spaces of 340 Provencher between 7 PM and 1 AM for a dozen installations in events, flooded with sound, colour, movement, and light. 

Music makers featured in the ambitious programming include rapper and singer Anthony OKS, Afrobeats and hip hop artist French Rk, Brady Allard (aka synthpop artist Warming) with Franco-Ontarien and Taïwanese ambient artist Orchidae, Franco-Manitoban Métis artist Willows with Nadia Burnstick, Andrina Turenne, Sala, Dominique Reynolds, and Rayannah, plus Le 100 Nons’ four finalists for the Chicane Electronique, and more.


Corridors [Installation]
Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain / Théâtre Cercle Molière / 7 PM - 1 AM

Meander through the hallways and spaces of the 340 Provencher buildings transformed by sound, light and moving visuals. Take in rich and vibrant projections by Saskatoon-based media artist Stephanie Kuse created alongside new soundscapes by Franco-Manitoban artist Rayannah and special guests noon_GhuNNa, French Rk and Amé.

Construction [Contortion x Installation]
Jean-Paul-Aubry Hall (CCFM) / 8:30 PM / 9:15 PM / 10:00 PM

Surrounded by a vast and spare environment of sound and light, take in the beguiling and fleeting improvised performances of contemporary artist Anastasia Evsigneeva. Set in a delicate temporary structure, Anastasia moves through dance and contortion, bending to her environment and its short-lived nature. Meander through the space and chance upon her magnetic performances throughout the night.

Deconstruction [Contemporary Dance x Installation]
Salle Jean-Paul-Aubry (CCFM) / Midnight 

The night draws to a close with dansers Emily Solstice Tait and Alexandra Elliott. Caught between reaction and premonition, the two artists come head to head in the centre of a vast space changed by its emptiness. A collaborative soundscape by Rayannah and noon_GhuNNa provoke and sublimate movement in the dansers, impartial to the audience that surrounds them. Presented in collaboration with Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art.

Backlit: Orchidae x Brady Allard [Ambient Performance]
Théâtre Cercle Molière / 7:30 PM / 9 PM

Set in a vivid dream-like space, Franco-Ontarien and Taïwanese ambient artist Orchidae draws in audiences with her hypnotic melodies and textures met by Métis artist Brady Allard’s immersive and experimental compositions. Come and go through this surreal atmosphere lavish with projections by Saskatoon-based media artist Stephanie Kuse and take in the performance from different vantage points throughout the night. Presented in collaboration with the Cluster Festival. 

Maker: Chase Martin [Performance x Visual Art]
CCFM Art Gallery / 7 PM - 1 AM

Discover the innovative and captivating works of Chase Martin through his exhibition Green Green Grass. Each canvas is a window onto a new perspective, a rich dialogue between the vast heritage of traditional artistic expression and the infinite possibilities offered by digital mediums. Surrounded by this vibrant collection, Chase Martin will move through three stages of the making process for a one time performance in the heart of the gallery. The outcome of the labour will be left in the gallery post-performance. 

The Loading Dock [Music x Drag x Dance]
Théâtre Cercle Molière Loading Dock / 19 PM - 10:30 PM

Enjoy DJ, Drag and dance performances intertwined and flush with colour on the Théâtre Cercle Molière loading dock. Catch talented local artists including Moxie Cotton, Purple Haze, Soleil Midowne, Ruby Chopstix, Lxs Dias Floreadxs and the Inyambo Dance Troupe offering up captivating programming throughout the night on this electrifying stage. Presented in collaboration with Sunshine House. 

Glow on the Pavement [Activity x Visual Art]
East Parking Lot of 340 Provencher / 7 PM - 1 AM 

Under new light, the 340 Provencher pavement is transformed with glowing motifs created by young artists from the community under the artistic direction of Dominique Legal. Add your own ephemeral work of fluorescent chalk to this living mural on the asphalt while admiring the moving designs projected onto the surrounding buildings. Presented in collaboration with the Conseil Jeunesse Provincial.

L’heure dorée: Willows [Musique]
Le Patio 340 / 8 PM - 9 PM

For one night only, Willows returns to Saint-Boniface to give a singular performance featuring Nadia Burnstick, Andrina Turenne, Sala, Dominique Reynolds and Rayannah. Seasoned musician and singer, this Franco-Manitoban Métis artist weaves her personal experiences into song in her three languages - French, English and Michif-Français. Amidst ethereal visual projections and lush harmonies, Willows’ warm and intimate indie-folk will carry you into the evening. Presented in collaboration with Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art and L’Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba.

Dusk: Anthony OKS [Music]
Le Patio 340 / 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Rapper and singer Anthony OKS brings his lyrical and electrifying performance to the Patio 340 outdoor stage. Underscored by evocative beats and driving melodies, the artist shares his innermost experiences through his work. Performing alongside special one-time collaborators amidst the dynamic and colourful projections of visual artist Stephanie Kuse, Anthony OKS is set for a night not to miss. 

Wall-to-Wall x Patterns Collective [Murals]
Outside walls of Théâtre Cercle Molière / 7 PM - 1 AM

Théâtre Cercle Molière and Wall-to-Wall Murals & Culture Festival present three new printed murals in a collection curated by Patterns Collective. Come celebrate the unveiling of the new works!

Chicane Électronique [Music x Installation]
Théâtre Cercle Molière lobby / 7 PM - Midnight

Discover the soundscape creations of Le 100 Nons’ four finalists for the Chicane Electronique accompanied by the playful animations of Saskatoon-based media artist Stephanie Kuse. Presented in collaboration with Le 100 Nons.

Lights on l’Esplanade [Installation]
Esplanade Riel / 7 PM - Midnight

Get a taste of HYPERART as you stroll towards 340 Boulevard Provencher. The Tourisme Riel belvedere will be brimming with colourful projections by visual artist Stephanie Kuse and resonant textures by electro-alternative artist Rayannah. Presented in collaboration with Tourisme Riel.

(Event text provided by HYPERART)

This event is an MB Live partnered event. For more info about MB Live, visit manitobamusic.com/mblive. For more info about partnership, please visit manitobamusic.com/partnerships.

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