Third Annual Manitoba Loud Music Awards Announce 2023 Nominees

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Manitoba Loud Music Awards
Ash and the Arsonists
Matt Cory
Northern Royals
Paige Drobot
Private Ear Recording
Pure Entry
The 12/21

The Manitoba Loud Music Awards are back next month to celebrate the local heavy music community in Manitoba. Taking place on November 18 at the Park Theatre, the third annual awards aim to highlight metal, rock, punk, and hardcore communities, handing out 18 peer-voted awards at an event featuring Vancouver rock band Econoline Crush.

This year's nominees include Ash and the ArsonistsNorthern Royals, Paige DrobotPrivate Ear RecordingPure EntryRamsKullSleep/Less, The 12/21, and many more.  

Ambassador of the Year
Shit Happens
Maddie Ditchfield
Ken Friedrich
Trav Anema

Bassist of the Year
Dakota - Murder Capital
Matt - Indigo
​Dave - The Murder Birds
Jay - Witchmayne
Jay - Spectre

Drummer of the Year
Phil - Spectre
Ted - Hippo
Jamie - RamsKull
Marg - The Castagnes
Dustin - Shit Happens

Engineer of the Year
Jody Hunter
Ryan Mcveigh
Phil Castagne

Female Fronted Band of the Year
Shit Happens
Yer Mum
Paige Drobot

Guitarist of the Year
Doug - Spectre
Sheldon - Indigo 
Matt - Matt Cory Band
Keegan - RamsKull
Paul - The Murder Birds

Hardcore Band
Murder Capital
A Grizzly Fate
Juan Carlo
Means to an End

Loud Album of the Year
Burn - Indigo
Verbal Vomit - Shit Happens
Sundown - Unsilenced
Parasitic Sapiens - RamsKull
Bring Back Movie Title Quotes - Sleep/Less

Metal Band

Photographer of the Year of the Year
Trav Anema
Josh Mankasingh
Joey Senft
Matt Friesen
Dwayne Larson

Punk Band
The Whatevermen
The 12/21
Shit Happens

Rock Band
Matt Cory
​Run Its Course
​Northern Royals
The Castagnes

Loud Single of the Year
"Raiding The Liquor Store" - Shit Happens
"Contender" - Ash & The Arsonists
"Escape" - RamsKull
"Conformity" - Indigo
"Lit Up & Out of Line" - Matt Cory

Hardcore Band of the Year
A Grizzly Fate
Murder Capital

Studio of the Year
Frozen Fire Studios
Jupiter Dawn Co.
Studio 23

Tribute/Cover Band of the Year
Psycho 78s
The Murder Birds
The Incredibly Hip

Upcoming Band of the Year
Evil Piece
Pure Entry

Videographer of the Year
Trav Anema
Dylan Baillee
Red Tie Productions

Vocalist of the Year
Jason - Book Of Ghosts
Keith - Witchmayne
​Guin - Indigo
Matt - Matt Cory Band
Kayla - Shit Happens

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