Artists from Manitoba Earn Nominations for the GMA Covenant Awards

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Clockwise from top left: Carine Bado, Barbara Joy, The Color, Jake Fretz
Barbara Joy
Carine Bado
Fresh IE
Jake Fretz
Jordan St Cyr
The Color

Artists from Manitoba are poised to bring home top honours at this year's GMA Covenant Awards, which recognize Christian music in Canada. Barbara Joy, Carine Bado, DJC2 (aka Brad Jacobson), Fresh IE (aka Robert Wilson), Jake Fretz, Jordan Janzen and The Color, Jordan St.Cyr, and graphic designer Roberta Landreth, and more picked up multiple award nods, which will be handed out at the 43rd awards and conference in Kitchener-Waterloo, November 17 &18. Manitoba-based artists landed over 35 nominations this year. Former Manitobans Mike Janzen and Rosemarie Siemens are also up for awards this year. 

The GMA Covenant Awards are produced by Gospel Music Association of Canada, a not-for-profit that has been promoting the growth and ministry of Christian music arts in Canada since 1974. Visit to see all of this year's award nominees.

Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year
Jordan St.Cyr
Barbara Joy

The Life 100.3 Pop Artist of the Year
The Color

Rap Artist of the Year
Fresh IE

The Jireh Realty Group Worship Artist of the Year
Jake Fretz

The Sound of Faith Album of the Year
The Wind and the Waves - Fresh IE

The Joy Radio Artist of the Year
Jordan St.Cyr
The Color

The KFM Radio Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Carine Bado

Canadian Christian Song of the Year
“Second Chances” - Songwriter(s) Carine Bado

The Redeemer University Group of the Year
Fresh IE (with One8tea)
The Color

The Chef D Live Music Artist of the Year - Online or In-person
Jordan St.Cyr

The Why Me Project Male Vocalist of the Year
Jake Fretz
Jordan St.Cyr

Musical Collaboration of the Year
“My Home” - Jake Fretz and Cynthia Lok - Songwriter(s) Cynthia Lok, Jake Fretz

The Between the Grooves Producer of the Year
Robert "Fresh IE" Wilson and Bradley “DJC2” Jacobson (various projects with DJC2)

Visual Designer of the Year
Roberta Landreth - Seasons (Barbara Joy)
Robert "Fresh IE" Wilson and Bradley "DJC2" Jacobson - various projects (DJC2)
Roberta Landreth - Wouldn't You Like to Know (Steve Bell)

Adult Contemporary Song of the Year
“My Home” - Songwriter(s) Cynthia Lok, Jake Fretz

Country Song of the Year
“The Garden” - Songwriter(s) Barbara Joy Ft. Sharalee Smith
“Surround Me” - Songwriter(s) Robert " Fresh IE ' Wilson

Folk Song of the Year
“My Freedom” - Songwriter(s) Barbara Joy/ Allison Lynn

Gospel Song of the Year
“Found & Crowned” - Songwriter(s) Carine Bado

Pop Song of the Year
“Rescue” - Songwriter(s) Jordan St. Cyr, Jonathan Gamble, Justin Amundrud

Rap Song of the Year
“Say Amen” - Songwriter(s) Teah Bailey & Robert Wilson & Jeff Somers
“Come Holy Spirit Feat Armani Yae” - Songwriter(s) Robert "Fresh IE" Wilson, Bradley "DCJ2" Jacobson
“Hallelujah Feat Fresh Ie” - Songwriter(s) Robert "Fresh IE" Wilson, Bradley "DCJ2" Jacobson
“The Ghost” - Songwriter(s) Robert "Fresh IE" Wilson, Troy Williams, Warren D Flandez,

Seasonal Song of the Year
“God is Able” - Songwriter(s) Robert "Fresh IE" Wilson, Kevin Pauls
“The Wait Is Over” - Songwriter(s) Jordan St. Cyr, Jordan Mohilowski, Benji Cowart
“Away in a Manger (Sweet Jesus)” - Songwriter(s) James R. Murray, Martin Luther, Barbara Joy

The Unlocking Your Songs Worship Song of the Year
“Hallelujah - Psalm 104” - Song writer(s) Mike Janzen
“Clouds Feat Fresh Ie” - Song writer(s) Robert "fresh Ie" Wilson, Bradley "djc2" Jacobson
“Look Up” - Song writer(s) Jake Fretz, Jordan Janzen

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