YBK Entertainment and Unreel Creative Collaborate on Friday Night Live Showcases

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From left: Jana Jacobs, Krept EMP, YBK Shakur

Up-and-coming local music company YBK Entertainment is teaming up with ad agency and video production company Unreel Creative to present a new series of showcases at The Getaway Café in Winnipeg! Dubbed Friday Night Live, the live music events shine a spotlight on new local artists with a focus on hip hop, Afrobeats, and R&B acts. 

Music fans can catch the next show on Friday, December 29 with sets from pop/soul/R&B singer/songwriter Jana Jacobs, Nigerian-born rapper Krept EMP, and poetic hip hop artist YBK Shakur (the YBK in YBK Entertainment) performing with band The Outta Town Crew, plus Joey Medik

Unreel Creative will be capturing the event along with photographer Mikey photography and audio engineer Derek Benjamin from Private Ear Recording.

"The Friday Night showcase at the Getaway Cafe was started because we wanted to create a community and provide a space for emerging local artists, music enthusiasts, fans, friends, family, and supporters alike," says the YBK Entertainment team. "We wanted to create a space where everyone could come together, share a meal, and enjoy great company with even better music. The goal here was to create a weekend event for the music community to come together to network, have a good time, and get to know the local music scene."

The series kicked off in September with a trio of local hip hop artists OG KOY, G-NRL, and COZYMANNOS.

This event is an MB Live partnered event. For more info about MB Live, visit manitobamusic.com/mblive. For more info about partnership, please visit manitobamusic.com/partnerships.

Jana Jacobs

Jana Jacobs crafts songs infused with a melancholy shaped by endless farewells across three countries by age 12. Music has always been her anchor. Combining R&B vocals with post-hardcore influences, she transports listeners to the magical golden hour. With traces of soul, jazz, and gospel, her melodies dive deep into mental health, relationships, and the chaos of youth. Unapologetically vulnerable, Jana’s songs are a nostalgic embrace of belonging.


Krept EMP

Krept EMP is a skilled artist originally from Nigeria but now based in Winnipeg, Canada. EMP showcases his music talent by seamlessly blending various genres together with his music serving as a window to his unique perspective in life. His music is characterized as limitless and expansive combining uplifting vibes, enchanting melodies and standout lyrics. Emp skillfully merges elements of old-school music with contemporary melodies striking the perfect balance between nostalgia and originality. Despite just starting his musical career over a year ago, his first project  (Emperor's Legacy) is breaking barriers and charting billboards. Krept EMP is definitely one to keep an eye on.


YBK Shakur

YBK Shakur describes his music as spoken word in motion or poetic hip hop. With his incredible storytelling, mixed with influences from his African culture and upbringing in North- America. YBK has the ability to capture his audience with his deep resounding voice, entrancing its listeners and taking them with him on a thrilling journey; painting beautiful pictures with his spoken word. Typically, YBK raps over hip hop/drill type beats, but he is well known for his versatility as he can adapt his flow and sound to any genre, his most common being hip hop, Afrobeats, and dancehall. He also performs with his 4-piece band live version renditions of his songs.


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