Winnipeg Folk Festival Announces 2024 Lineup

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Winnipeg Folk Festival Main Stage 2023 (Photo by Jennifer Kostesky, Courtesy of Winnipeg Folk Festival

Maybe there's still snow on the ground but it's beginning to feel more like summer... the Winnipeg Folk Festival has unveiled its 2024 lineup! The venerable festival will welcome thousands of festival goers back to Birds Hill Park from July 11-14 for four days of music discovery, including a packed lineup of artists from Manitoba. 

The genre-spanning list of local performers includes roots/rocker Ariel Posen, 2024 JUNO nominated singer/songwriter Leith Ross, bilingual family duo Madame Diva et Micah, folk artist Madeleine Roger, the joyful Mama Cutsworth's Family Dance Party, alternative pop act Roman Clarke, Manitoba-born/BC and Tennessee-based singer/songwriter (and 1/3 of The Wailin' Jennys) Ruth Moody,  The James Culleton Superfun Show, bluegrass quintet The Stanley County Cut-Ups, and 2024 JUNO-nominated Moccasingaze artist Zoon.

In addition to Zoon, this year's festival will feature several Indigenous performers, including Caley Watts, Elisapie, Medicine Singers, Tia Wood, and Wyatt C. Louis.

Touring acts hitting the stage year's festival include marquee names like Mt. Joy, The War And Treaty, Orville Peck, Band of Horses, Lucinda Williams, Tom Paxton and the Don Juans, Bonny Light Horseman, Cowboy Junkies, Noah Cyrus, Joy Oladokun, Grace Potter, Shakey Graces, Noah Reid, and many (many) more. Check out the full lineup at

The full schedule will be released in the coming weeks with lots of opportunities to enjoy local music throughout the festival. Tickets are on sale now at

For up-and-coming young artists looking to get connected, don't miss your chance to be a part of this year's festivities through the Young Performers Program! The program hosts multi-talented youth musicians aged 14-24. Participants spend a day in sessions with mentors chosen from the Festival’s lineup, crafting and perfecting their songs and a second day performing on stage in front of a Folk Fest audience. Apply online by April 15!

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Meet the WFF Performers from Manitoba

Ariel Posen

Ariel Posen, a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist, has seen his creative growth expand with each album. His latest release, Reasons Why, showcases ten selected tracks from an original pool of 30. Posen's music defies genre and he identifies his music as “roots”, encompassing elements of rock, blues, soul, Americana, and pop. Growing up in a musical household, Posen began his career as a sideman to numerous artists before focusing on his own music. His songwriting skills were honed during 2020's lockdown, resulting in songs reflecting personal experiences and observations, addressing themes like relationships, mental health, and personal development. Posen continues to perform regularly while planning for future projects. His music career, though still young, carries the weight of a lifetime of experience and he is committed to improving with each new project.

Leith Ross

Leith Ross, a music creator from a small town near Ottawa, Canada, currently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, found their career path altered by the lockdown. While previously an ordinary college graduate, Ross used the quarantine period to write songs and share them online, eventually gaining popularity and emerging as an Internet-famous artist. Ross's family environment was non-musical but filled with diverse music influences, which shaped their own songwriting style. Notably, their Scottish heritage and the music of The Proclaimers were significant influences. Ross's music often reflects their personal experiences, including coming out as gay and later as trans, and their struggle to find their place in the world. Originally planning on a traditional music career trajectory, Ross's sudden online fame has given them the opportunity to touch others with their vulnerability through music, an experience they find humbling. Ross continues to create music, learning along the way.

Madame Diva et Micah

In a vibrant celebration of music and theatrical joy, the eccentric and charismatic Madame Diva and her sidekick Micah captivate audiences with performances that have earned them nominations at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards, and a Parents' Choice Recommendation. Their show is a bilingual celebration of fun and kindness aimed at young audiences. Micah, who released his first solo album in 2023 was inspired by icons like Fred Penner, Al Simmons, Jake Chenier and Carmen Campagne. He and Madame Diva aspire to leave a lasting musical legacy. Their journey across Canadian provinces is more than a series of shows; it's an opportunity to inspire, to forge new friendships, and to share the joy of music with the next generation.

Madeleine Roger

Madeleine Roger, a Canadian singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, is known for her remarkable songwriting abilities that combine lyrical mastery with endearing melodies. Her debut album, Cottonwood, an exploration of femininity, equality, and love, earned her nominations for "English Songwriter of the Year" at the 2020 Canadian Folk Music Awards and "Producer of the Year" at the 2019 Western Canadian Music Awards. Her upcoming album, Nerve, produced by Josh Kaufman, is set for release in 2024 and delves into the complexities of love and loss. Madeleine has shared her music at numerous festivals across Canada and Europe. She also co-produced and co-engineered Cottonwood with Lloyd Peterson at Paintbox Recording in Winnipeg, with an emphasis on gender parity. The album was composed in a Manitoba cabin built by her great-grandparents.

Mama Cutsworth's Family Dance Party

Since 2015, Sarah Michaelson (also known as Mama Cutsworth) has been creating a joyful, multi-generational experience with her Family Dance Party in Winnipeg. As a respected DJ for 20 years, her music spans various genres and eras including soul, indie pop, and disco. The show is highly interactive, featuring dance games and props, appealing to all ages. The event emphasizes emotional awareness, body positivity, and gratitude for the land and Indigenous communities. It has been featured at various locations including the Winnipeg Pride Festival and Festival du Voyageur, and is set to be part of the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2024.

Roman Clarke

Roman Clarke is a distinguished figure in Canadian music, known for his funk-inspired beats, smooth and elegant vocals, and powerful songs. His energetic performances are legendary among music enthusiasts and fellow musicians. While primarily a side musician, session player, and producer, Clarke's passion and years of experience shine on stage. He leads a band of dedicated and hardworking artists, contributing to the vibrant music scene. Clarke had a productive span in 2022 and 2023, releasing three albums, including the genre-bending I THINK ITS ALL A DREAM and I ALWAYS LIKED YOU, both recorded at his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has produced albums for artists like Joey Landreth, Taylor Janzen, and Field Guide and has written songs for Ariel Posen, Olivia Lunny, and The Bros Landreth.

Ruth Moody

Ruth, a solo artist and member of the folk trio The Wailin’ Jennys, has a dedicated fanbase and has earned two Juno Awards, many nominations, and topped Billboard charts. She has performed globally in sold-out venues. Ruth's solo albums, The Garden and These Wilder Things, were well-received by fans and critics. Her collaborations with Mark Knopfler brought her voice to a worldwide audience, and she performed in major venues like The Royal Albert Hall. Ruth's songs, often sounding traditional, hold an intimacy and honesty that is unmistakably hers. Her music has featured in films, TV, and has been performed by many choirs and ensembles. Ruth has recently completed a new solo album to be released in 2024. She lives between Vancouver Island and Nashville, and spends her time writing, hiking, and parenting when not touring.

The James Culleton Superfun Show

James Culleton, a Canadian contemporary multimedia artist and musician, breaks traditional rules with his Superfun show. This show is a platform for sharing songs about science, art, and music, and offers tips on creating original art and music. Culleton's approach to life, driven by curiosity, compassion, and creativity, is contagious. He's based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has released ten albums, including two for children. His performances are often in French and English, reflecting his children's experiences in French elementary school in Winnipeg. Culleton's work has been influenced by interactions with Al Simmons and has been performed at numerous festivals and venues in Manitoba. His public art can be found in playgrounds and communities, reinforcing a strong community connection. The James Culleton Superfun Show includes a lineup of Winnipeg’s finest musicians for live performances.

The Stanley County Cut-Ups

The Stanley County Cut-Ups, a quintet, cover all bluegrass elements, from banjo solos to four-part harmony singing. They've been performing together, in various setups, for nearly 20 years. Their performances, which feature bluesy mandolin breaks and powerful fiddle tunes, are highly appreciated by audiences. The group includes Jess Reimer on bass, Jeremy Penner as fiddler, Jeremy Hamm on mandolin and fiddle, Tim Osmond on banjo/dobro, and guitarist T.J. Blair. Their vocal harmonies, featuring in two to four parts, are prominent in their original and traditional bluegrass-style compositions. Their performances appeal to fans of classic bluegrass music.


Zoon, the musical project of Daniel Monkman, released their sophomore album Bekka Ma'iingan, a broad exploration of their Indigenous experience. The album title translates directly from Ojibway to 'slow down' and 'wolf', reflecting Monkman's clan connection and the pace of the album's creation. The core shoegaze sound is intact, with tracks like "Care" and "Dodem" showcasing the genre's diversity. Bekka Ma'iingan also features collaborations with Polaris Music Prize winner Owen Pallett and Grammy-nominated Michael Peter Olsen. The first single, "A Language Disappears", addresses the fear of Indigenous languages being forgotten due to colonialism. The album also explores Monkman's 'two spiritness', a part of their identity that they chose to share openly with the track "Niizh Manidoowig (2 Spirit)". This album is about acknowledging a part of Monkman that has always been there.

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