CMHR Shares Music of Resistance and Change with Beyond the Beat Series

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The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is highlighting the fundamental role of music in breaking new ground and making history with its new exhibit, Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change. To celebrate, they've launched a new concert series featuring plenty of local music.

Running monthly into September, the series kicks off March 15 with a concert curated by Real Love Winnipeg featuring three artists from Manitoba sharing the music of Joni Mitchell, The Clash, and Alanis Morissette. Powerhouse artist Diaphanie will sing Alanis Morisette, singer/songwriter Dominique Adams will sing Joni Mitchell, and rock outfit Guns of Wolseley will do songs by The Clash. More about this event

CMHR will partner with the Winnipeg Folk Festival on April 25 for a night in concert with Winnipeg‐based, Franco‐Manitoban and Red River Métis singer/songwriter Andrina Turenne and multiple award‐winning, platinum‐selling singer‐songwriter and environmental activist Sarah Harmer. More about this event

On the horizon, the series will celebrate Pride (May 24), spotlight Francophone music and artists (June 28), spotlight Black artists (July 26), and welcome DJ Shub presenting War Club Live (September 20). Stay tuned for more info soon! 

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About Beyond the Beat

Music connects and transforms. It can be a powerful force for social and political change.

An album or even a single lyric can deeply affect a person, an audience or an entire generation. Beyond the Beat showcases artists who have used their talents to promote equality and freedom.

Rhythms, melodies and lyrics move us – to tears, to dance or to rise up against injustice.

Popular music has a long history of uplifting and supporting collective movements and personal struggles for human rights. Beyond the Beat presents historical and contemporary examples of how musicians and audiences have used music to make a difference.

Explore ground‐breaking and history‐making moments where music played a pivotal role in social and political transformation. See legendary instruments and remarkable stage outfits. Interact with dynamic music and video exhibits and experiences. Learn about music that changed the world.

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