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Build your music community. Meet your mentors.

Looking to make connections, grow your community, and learn more about the music industry? We're excited to launch Feedback, our new monthly networking, mentorship, and community-building event. It’s to be a safe space for Manitoba Music members to get guidance from local industry professionals and an opportunity to share thoughts and exchange ideas with music peers and other members.

For this open house-style event, we'll be inviting music industry mentors from different backgrounds and experiences to hang out, answer questions, and provide folks with some guidance. 

Wednesday, March 20 / 5 - 7 PM
The Common Cocktails (formerly Passerby) at The Forks, 1 Forks Market Road
Free / all ages / Light refreshments will be provided

Guest Mentors

Adam Soloway
Real Love Winnipeg / First Date Touring

Real Love Winnipeg is an independent concert promotion company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We put on shows at just about every venue in town and produce Real Love Summer Fest, Winterruption, and the Sherbrook Street Festival.

First Date Touring books bands they love, so you can love them too.

Derek Benjamin
Producer / Engineer / Musician / Songwriter

Derek Benjamin is the definition of a modern producer: A masterful engineer, musician, songwriter, vocalist and more. His ability to combine creativity, advanced knowledge and versatility truly opens the door for any artist or project.

Born into a musical family, Derek has been surrounded by creativity since the day he arrived. From a young age, he dedicated his time to songwriting and becoming a multi-instrumentalist. It was his dream to become a music producer, but it seemed to be an uncharted path. Shortly after graduating high school, Derek received the gift of a lifetime. It was a simple USB mic, but it allowed Derek to realize his deep passion for engineering & production. Experimentation helped his skills develop quickly, solidifying his belief that a future in music was attainable. From then on, Derek spent countless hours writing, producing and recording many different genres of music, including Juno, WCMA and Covenant award nominated projects from notable clients such as YSN Fab, Max Winds, Comeback Kid, Sebastian Gaskin and many more. 

Derek is a dedicated member of the local arts scene and has a burning passion to help young creatives thrive. In 2022, Derek set out to create a new artist development & label services company called “CTRL Space Records” with fellow engineer and colleague Terence Ruiz. This company has already been successful in working with several artists in grant writing, live production, events and more. CTRL Space Records officially launched In October, 2023, upon leasing a multimedia suite in downtown Winnipeg. READ FULL BIO

Keisha Booker
Soul Supreme

Since its inception in 2014, Soul Supreme has set out to curate events dedicated to pioneering the R&B music scene in Winnipeg, MB. Inserting soul into the city - Soul Supreme has filled a void in the local cultural landscape, offering a vibrant platform where artists, DJs, musicians, and visual artists converge to unleash their creativity. Each event features a curated lineup of live performers, DJs, and visual artists, providing a stage for diverse talents to shine.

Led by Keisha Booker, a local black female artist and visionary, Soul Supreme serves as more than just a gathering—it's a vibe, an intention, and a labor of love dedicated to nurturing the relationship between community and art. It is a sanctuary for creatives to manifest their visions
and a haven for R&B lovers by R&B lovers. Beyond entertainment, Soul Supreme is a catalyst for meaningful connections and cultural exchange, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within its community. Soul Supreme's impact extends far beyond Winnipeg,
serving as a model for how art and culture can be used to build bridges, foster understanding, and create positive change. With its unwavering commitment to creativity, diversity, and community, Soul Supreme continues to shine as a beacon of love and inspiration.

Kerri Stephens
Lost Cat Artists

Having spent 9 years at Winnipeg, Manitoba’s historic live music venue the West End Cultural Centre, Kerri Stephens is well-versed in the music industry. Making her way through every role at the venue, her experience & expertise range from community outreach, sponsorships, fundraising & grant writing, marketing and social media to programming and artistic directorship. During the pandemic, Kerri created Lost Cat Artists and currently is working with The Secret Beach, JP Hoe, Leaf Rapids and Petunia & The Cipers. This led to a focus on export opportunities, artist development and acting as a mentor through Manitoba Music’s grant writing incubation program. She also serves as the head of the Manitoba chapter of Women in Music Canada, which through programming, community building, and online resources attempts to strengthen the social-economic balance of the music industry.

Olu Afolabi
YBK Shakur / YBK Entertainment

To many I am known as Olu Afolabi, the alias YBK Shakur comes from a nick name I was given in middle school inspired by one of my biggest mentors, Tupac Shakur. YBK to me is a Euphemism that first stands for Young Black King, because that is whom I am. Secondly it stands for You Born King. YBK represents the Mentality, Character, and Pursuit of Freedome of Self and others by extension. YBK defines Strength and Courage it takes to face Self Demons. The idea of Royalty, an Elevated way of thinking that I Believe we are all Capable of Achieving

Rebecca Szymkow

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