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Here's your regular go-to for the latest music business articles related to trends, news, market development, equity and inclusion, and important changes in today's evolving music industry.

Working Draft Digital Crescendo: AI Is Making Headlines In Many Creative Industries, Including Music — How Is Winnipeg’s Music Scene Responding?

Music Canada Music Canada Teams With Economist Will Page To Launch First-of-its-kind Study On The Canadian Streaming Market

Music Ally Canadian Study Sifts Domestic And International Music Streams

Billboard Canada Canadian Artists Were Discovered More Than 3 Billion Times on Spotify Last Year

CBC News Why Are So Many Canadian Festivals Struggling Or Cancelling?

CBC Music Hundreds Of Canadian Artists Denounce 'Alarming' Anti-Trans Legislation In Open Letter

Music Business Worldwide Indie Artists Shift To Artist-centric Payments On Deezer, As Streaming Service Signs New Deal With Merlin

Variety Takedown Fails: Artists Are Seeing Their Music Removed From DSPs for Streaming Fraud They Didn’t Commit

Los Angeles Times The U.S. Might Ban TikTok. Record Labels Are Cutting Ties. What’s Music’s Plan B?

Billboard Is UMG’s TikTok Ban Hurting Its U.S. Streaming Numbers? Here’s What the Evidence Shows

Ars Technica New AI Music Generator Udio Synthesizes Realistic Music On Demand

PYMNTS Music Industry Confronts AI Compensation Issue 

Billboard Everyone Wants to Reach Superfans. It Won’t Be Easy

Forbes Earth, Wind & Firing Off: A Cautionary Tale Of Trademark Infringement In The Music Industry

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