Real Love Summer Fest Announces 2024 Lineup

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Real Love Summer Fest 2024
Cassidy Mann
Nú Baby
Neighbour Andy
Peter Harder
Real Love Winnipeg
Slow Spirit
Taylor Janzen
Virgo Rising
witchy woods

Summer festival season is officially and it's time to start planning your live music calendar...

Real Love Summer Fest is back this year with another stellar lineup of indie acts including lots of local names. The annual festival will return to the Ignite Retreats grounds in Teulon for a weekend of music, a stage in the woods, art installations, local food vendors, and camping in the trees, July 26 - 28. 

Homegrown acts on the stage this year include a much-anticipated return of expat Taylor Janzen, alternative indie band Neighbour Andy, pop artist Boniface, folk-tinged indie rock duo Slow Spirit, indie pop outfit Virgo Rising, pop singer/songwriter Cassidy Mann, Afro-pop/Afro-fusion act Nú Baby, French House duo MA.BWE, singer/songwriter/artist Witchy Woods, bedroom pop artist Peter Harder, freakfolk-pop musician Harper K. Smith, and more. 

International touring acts hitting the stage this year include post-punk band Cola from Montreal, indie folk rock act Babehoven from New York, Berlin-based experimental pop outfit Discover Zone, indie rockers Goon from LA, singer/songwriter Jennifer Castles, and apper and Sufjan Stevens collaborator Serengeti from Chicago.

Real Love Summer Fest is put on by Real Love Winnipeg, a Winnipeg-based independent concert promotion company that connects music fans with underground and established acts. Tickets go on sale via Showpass on May 6 at 10 AM plus Chip's Vintage and Planet Pantry.

Scroll down for the complete schedule (subject to change).



Friday July 26
2:00 gates open
6:00 Synthetic Friend
7:00 Slow Spirit
8:00 Nú Baby
9:00 Jamboree
10:00 Serengeti
11:00 Babehoven
12:00 haha Laughing

Saturday July 27
11:00 gates open
12:00 The Land League
1:00 Cassidy Mann
2:00 Virgo Rising
3:00 Jennifer Castle
4:00 Boniface
5:00 Beth
6:00 Locater
7:00 Neighbour Andy
8:00 Taylor Janzen
9:00 Hut Hut
10:00 Discovery Zone
11:00 GOON
12:00 Cola


Friday July 26
6:40 truth in the well
7:40 Katie MacDonald
8:40 dru capote
9:40 MA BWE
10:40 MA BWE
11:40 MA BWE

Saturday July 27
1:40 Harper K. Smith
2:40 O.D. Beresford
3:40 pure pulp
4:40 Witchy Woods
5:40 tofusmell
6:40 Two Tomatoes
7:40 Peter Harder
8:40 Cookie Delicious
9:40 LMAO
10:40 LMAO
11:40 LMAO

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