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Violet Vopni
MB Canada


Nineteen is the passion project of long-time singer/songwriter Violet Vopni and jazz guitarist Clinton Giesbrecht. Nineteen focuses on acoustic arrangements of original songs, spanning the genres of jazz, folk, and pop. The duo got their name Nineteen because Vopni and Giesbrecht were 19 years old when life took radically different turns for each of them and they chose to leap into the unknown and take the journey of a lifetime. Nineteen's sound has been described as emotional, groovy, captivating, and flawless. Nineteen is inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Ani DiFranco, Adele, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tommy Emmanuel, Mark Knopfler and so many others we can’t name them all here!

They're easy going folks with music that sparks emotions in their listeners. Their songs range from upbeat pop to groovy smooth jazz to thought provoking folk. Each song tells a different story and draws fans in to listen. They advocate for those affected by mental health and addictions. Their song "Unacknowledged" shares Violet's personal recollection growing up with a mother suffering from mental illness.

Violet began her musical journey at a young age, singing Janet Jackson for neighbors, and participating in church choir. She wrote her first song in 1995 when she was 11yrs old. In high school she sang in choir, chamber choir and vocal jazz. At 19, she put her musical journey on hiatus in order to obtain two PhDs, in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology and to start her career as a psychic therapist. In 2016, she returned to her love of music, took classes at Manitoba Conservatory, and sang a lot of karaoke. Nineteen was established in November of 2019, and it’s been a wild ride, finishing songs from her vault, some of which were written as early as 1998.

Clinton has always had a fascination with guitar, piano, and loves the technical side of composing and arranging. He took private lessons all throughout his life, but most notably he studied jazz guitar for four years. He’s participated in many church musicals, competitions, and had the chance to live and study in Norway when he was 19.







"How Many Times"





Introducing NINETEEN by Nineteen



Unacknowledged Nineteen

Released: March 5, 2020

Producer: Aaron Peters

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Nineteen Album Release Party
Nineteen Album Release Party
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