Old Oak Studio

Old Oak Studio


     *Old Oak Studio est fier d'offrir tous ses services en français*

Nestled in the urban forest of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Old Oak Studio aims to provide local musicians with a comfortable and welcoming environment in which to make their musical ambitions become reality. In the ambience of a rustic, wood-panelled, mountain cottage style recording room, both instruments and music come to life.

What really sets Old Oak Studio apart is that this is a passion, not a way for me to earn a living.

This means I can offer affordable rates and focus on making sure up and coming artists can be heard without breaking the bank. I make sure artists have a say in the production and mixing process, allowing them to make sure they walk away with songs they are proud of and that sound the way they had imagined.

Where some studios want to rush people through and make you sound the way they want you to sound, I aim to capture the music you want to make, the music you hear in your head. This being said, every recording engineer imparts their own fingerprint on every project they work on, as will I, but know that if you record at Old Oak Studio, you will be involved in all parts of the process.


Joël Charrière
Winnipeg MB Canada

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