Cam Ostrom

Alternative Folk Indie Singer/songwriter

Cam Ostrom


Cam wears his own influences proudly, covering them on his Twitch channel where he got his proper start showcasing his talents. His original music, use of alternate tunings, and falsetto may draw comparisons to contemporary artists like Daniel Rossen, Sean Carey, and Madison Cunningham.

With help from local musician and producer Trenton Burton, Familiar Window is the first of three self-produced singles, an acoustic guitar-driven tune documenting the experience of an old memory in a foreign place. His second, I See You, draws more evidently on flavours of shoegaze and dreampop with softly-delivered lyrics hiding under electric guitars referencing a love that might have been. Cam's most recent single, Tired of Trying to Be Found, is a gentle, expansive ballad about losing someone dear and the pain and isolation in starting all over. Together these singles make up The First Three EP, Cam's first major release, and the culmination of years of growing as a musician and a producer.

Each of Cam's songs in some way iterates on what came before, without worry of suiting a particular genre or sound. His best work, he believes, is constantly ahead of him.


Cam Deamel


The First Three EP



"Tired of Trying to Be Found" from The First Three EP


Tired of Trying to Be Found by Cam Ostrom

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