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Over The Transom


Though Nadia Gaudet and Joseph Fiola's paths crossed on numerous occasions in the French district of Winnipeg, Canada, over the years, Over the Transom’s journey began somewhat unexpectedly.

In 2007, the two joined the 7-piece post-rock band …and then nothing, Nadia on vocals and Joseph on a laptop setup. Inspired by the possibilities afforded by the melding of electronic and acoustic sounds, it was during this time Nadia & Joe developed a friendship and undeniable musical connection. However, as …ATN had always been more of a side project for its members, Gaudet kept working on her solo music. Interested in further exploring the mix of her piano and voice with electronic textures, she approached Joe to collaborate on the production of a new album, and Over the Transom was born.

The nocturnal nature of their sound draws from Gaudet’s ghostly singing style, honest lyrics and dreamy piano melodies melding to Fiola’s digital landscape of electronic beats and real-time sonic manipulation.

Things don’t stop with the sound. Both being rather prolific and multidisciplinary artists, Over the Transom affords an inspiring creative outlet for the two where there is a constant exchange of art sketches and videos along with the musical ideas and song lyrics.

The project may be new, but the vast pool of creative potential which now lies before these two is enough to fuel very exciting sights and sounds for some time to come.


Nadia Gaudet
Winnipeg MB Canada
 facebook.com  overthetransom.ca



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