Paige Drobot

Paige Drobot

Jazz Pop Prog Rock Rock



Paige Drobot released the first EP under her own name, "Zero Thought", on Transistor 66 Records in June 2019.

This EP was a step away from her usual session & live support musician work (Silence Kit, Mise En Scene, Joanne Pollock, Marshall & Some Buddies, The Vangoras , Ex Modern Teen, Steve Keys + more) , as well as a very different project from her long time songwriting output, progressive rock band, The Psychics.

"Zero Thought" finds Paige completely in control, writing, playing most instruments and recording/producing it herself. This proves to be the perfect environment for deep introspection, therapeutic release, and experimentation.

Paige Drobot's live performance is quite different from the recordings she has released. It is characterized by extensive improvised guitar solos, that manage to keep the attention of casual music listeners and guitarists alike. She has an instantly recognizable voice on the instrument and though she is an accomplished guitarist, she closes her eyes and lets emotion guide the melodies , never "phoning it in".  This mirrors the intensely vulnerable songwriting.  






"Wonder" from Zero Thought


UMFM 101.5 Live Session by Paige Drobot

Wonder by Paige Drobot


Zero Thought

Zero Thought Paige Drobot

Released: June 7, 2019

Label: Transistor 66 Record Co.

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