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Paige Drobot


"Paige Drobot's psychedelic swirl has come on slow but strong. Following sporadic releases since 2019, Drobot's debut full-length, The Psychics, is her ass-kicking debutante ball. Backed by her band of the same name, it's a pithy rock statement filled to the brim with restless basslines and capricious progressions. Frenetic freak-out jams give way to hip-straddling swing, all tethered by Drobot's warble and garage rock underpinnings. Listen to "Space Music" and try to stay within the outer limits during its cacophonous breakdown." exclaim! 

“ Paige Drobot lit up the stage with ‘70s-inspired (complete with matching outfits) guitar freakouts as she wailed and soloed over everyone’s jaws that had dropped to the floor. Drobot and her trio transported everyone back to Woodstock for a free-flowing set.”  BEATROUTE


Paige Drobot is an award winning guitarist,  songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer, band leader, guitar instructor, as well as a session musician and live guitarist for other artists. 

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Repeating by Paige Drobot

Good Time for Red Tie Live by Paige Drobot

Woman - Paige Drobot by Paige Drobot

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UMFM 101.5 Live Session by Paige Drobot

Wonder by Paige Drobot

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