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Paige Drobot



Paige Drobot plays a nostalgic variety of genre bending guitar music. She writes deeply personal, stream of consciousness style songs influenced by bipolar disorder, bad luck and bad choices.   There is vulnerability that you can feel when she plays the guitar, but a sense of humor that keeps the performance energetic.

“Back upstairs, Winnipeg’s Paige Drobot lit up the ad hoc stage with ‘70s-inspired (complete with matching outfits) guitar freakouts as she wailed and soloed over everyone’s jaws that had dropped to the floor. Described as an “edgy grandma,” Drobot and her trio transported everyone back to Woodstock for a free-flowing set.”  BEATROUTE

At 26 years old, Paige has already been writing and producing her own music, for 15 years  ,   and has been an obsessive listener and historian longer than she can remember.



Zero Thought



"Wonder" from Zero Thought


UMFM 101.5 Live Session by Paige Drobot

Wonder by Paige Drobot


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