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Peter Harder


Peter Harder is a bedroom-pop artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba who's been creating music for the past 10+ years, and has been releasing music publicly since 2018. He started creating music with parody style songs about a hatred for mushrooms in middle school, onto comedic YouTube music videos during high school, then more serious releases with his first EP "As The Universe" in March of 2018. He's found his own sound that acts as a through-line that feels like no matter how much the sound varies through his releases, there's a sonic thread connecting them. 

Peter writes, produces, records and mixes all his songs. For the past few singles (from Pomegranate onward) he's worked with Andrew at Precursor Productions in Winnipeg to have them professionally mastered. Andrew has also hosted some mixing courses that he's taken and found himself at the benefit of. 


Peter Harder


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Phosphene - Album Trailer by Peter Harder

Pomegranate (Visualizer) by Peter Harder

Norman F*****g Rockwell (Lana Del Rey cover) by Peter Harder

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Too Complicated by Peter Harder

Maybe Someone Else Will by Peter Harder

I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover) by Peter Harder

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