Phoebe Pedriña

Christian R&B Singer/songwriter Soul

Phoebe Pedriña


Phoebe Pedriña is new to the Winnipeg Music Scene but not new to music. She started writing songs at the age of 10. Influenced by the likes of Madison Ryann Ward, Bruno Mars, Etta James and Isla Vista Worship.

Phoebe’s sound is down-to-earth, velvety and soulful. Her music is a new spin on old-soul, dancing-in-the-living room kind of music. 

Her upcoming single, "Metamorphosis" coming out on April 19th is the result of hard work, prayer and a great team. This song was inspired by a vision that a friend had in praying for our home church. Sometimes, when I find it difficult to write a song, it’s easier to write what I can visualize. Metamorphosis practically wrote itself because I saw the story from beginning to end. In the past two years of my life, I’ve been going through my own sort of metamorphosis and this song depicts the story of how my entire life has been transformed.



Phoebe’s debut EP “Resonate” contains some of the ups and downs of her youth.

“Young and Unafraid” is about the freedom of letting go and having fun. 

“The Day” was written in the early days of the pandemic when the end was an unfathomable dream. 

“I’d say it’s Fate” is about being stuck between two people and knowing you have to let one go to hold on to the other. 

“The Reason” is an intimate expression of love and gratitude.

“Seventeen” encapsulates the idea of falling in love and having your eyes opened to the world and what it can actually look like. 


Phoebe Pedriña
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