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Plain As Ghosts


PLAIN AS GHOSTS draws on deep personal experiences derived through love, loss and life. The intimate lyrics spark an outlook of hope and integrity which comes as a refreshing take on a genre typically fuelled by anger and aggression. The music is described as heavy and lyrically directed with hints of melodic ambience.
The Winnipeg based alternative-rock band comprises of core members Trevor Lux (vocals/guitar), Rodrigo Ramirez (drums) and Daniel Friesen (guitar). They are supported by a rotating roster of bassists including studio musician and long-time collaborator Adam Halstrom.  The band rehearses from Trevor's home in Niverville - a rural community 30 km south of Winnipeg.

SLEEPLESS SHADOW, the band’s sophomore EP, is set to release February 21, 2020. After self-producing their debut, the band  enlisted the help of producer Jordan Voth on their latest effort.  Lyrically, the album stays true to the Plain as Ghosts mantra of writing songs based on real experiences and plays on emotions that are near to the members of the band.  Thematically, the songs range from: The joys of raising a family, office drama, and dealing with a family member struggling with addiction. The songs are true to life, vulnerable yet retain a redeeming and often endearing honesty throughout. 

PLAIN AS GHOSTS have charted on campus radio, earning the band opening spots for Pop Evil, Royal Tusk, and Tom Cochrane.
The band is excited to take the new batch of songs to the stage through their high energy performance and of course, sprinkled with a dash of down to earth charm.




Trevor Lux
Box 284 Niverville MB Canada R0A1E0
1 431 335 6364


Rendering Remixed



"Convolution (Evan St. Cyr Remix)" from Rendering Remixed




"Convolution" from Rendering




"Against the Waves" from Rendering


Safety Pin by Plain As Ghosts

You Are Heaven by Plain As Ghosts

Empty Halls & Plaster Walls - Loreman Remix by Plain As Ghosts

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Waiting On Silver - Studio 23 Session by Plain As Ghosts

Plain as Ghosts - Monday Morning Quarterback (Pollution Lake Remix) by Plain As Ghosts

Plain as Ghosts - Alethea (Kakekaze Remix) by Plain As Ghosts

Plain as Ghosts - Convolution (Evan St. Cyr Remix) by Plain As Ghosts

Convolution by Plain As Ghosts

Against the Waves by Plain As Ghosts

Album Release Party! by Plain As Ghosts

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