Professional Development

Professional Development Workshops

Over the past several years, Manitoba Music has teamed up with music industry experts from across the country to provide informative and timely professional development seminars for the local industry. The Manitoba Music professional develop workshop series, MusicWorks, strives to be the leading source of information and training for musicians and the music industry in Manitoba, and a model for industry training nation-wide.

See the workshops page for more information on upcoming workshops.

Career Consultations

Manitoba Music offers private, one-on-one career consultations to members. These meetings range from big picture career planning, to specific questions and problems. Discussions can include funding proposals, planning, copyright and royalty sharing, recording projects, tour planning, marketing and publicity, MROC, digital music sales and a variety of other topics.

Consultations allow members at any level in their careers, to have specific input into their unique career situation and provide current and timely information for members at any stage of their career.

For more info, contact the Professional Development Coordinator.

Youth Outreach

Manitoba Music is involved in several outreach activities aimed especially at youth with an interest in the music industry. Participating in these events raises awareness of the career options in the music industry in Manitoba, and promotes Manitoba Music’s services and programs to potential new members.

Youth Mentorship

Manitoba Music partners with ACI Manitoba to offer the Youth Mentorship Program in music management, marketing, and promotion. This unique program provides participants between the ages of 16 and 21 with a well-rounded and realistic look at working in the music industry. Through the program’s two concurrent streams – mentor sessions with industry professionals and a hands-on music project – the youth participants gain a unique understanding of the music business.

Visit Creative Manitoba for more information, deadlines, and application forms.

Resource Centre

Since March of 2002, the Manitoba Music Industry Resource Centre has become a busy hub of career development activity for the over a thousand Manitobans working in the music industry. The Resource Centre offers members a home office away from home, houses a library of over 200 books on all aspects of the industry, and provides easy access to application forms and guidelines for programs with Manitoba Film & Music, FACTOR, Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, the Export Showcase Program, and other support agencies. This resource is used regularly by members, and supports the vast number of funding-related consultations that Manitoba Music staff conducts with members.

See the Resource Centre page for more information.