Akon Makeer

Akon Makeer


Akon Makeer sigs in her native language of Dinka and in English. Akon is a war child, born in South Sudan, a few years after the first civil war in South Sudan that ended in1972, and grew up in the second civil war that started in 1983 and lasted for 22 years. Akon's songs are mainly about her experiences during the war, of sufferings and loss of many lives, of hopes and dreams that remain to be realized. Akon is a Christian who loves her people very much and is trying to convey a message of hope, perseverance, and determination to carry on despite all challenges South Sudanese have faced and continue to face in their new country of South Sudan and around the globe wherever they reside. Akon is a Sudanese Canadian, and  she can support the orphanage and the poor people in South Sudan.if she could because of her love for the people,

Many Sudanese came from all over America for a community event that involved fundraising for humanitarian cause in South Sudan. These events were coordinated by each community, and they paid for her travel and accommodations. Her sisters and other relatives have been very helpful in these events and held a traveled to Africa to promote her music did not gain much financial support but her music is now known wherever South Sudanese live and hoping that  she can produce more of her music. As a refugee,  she has been to many displaced camps . she immigrated to Canada and now she is a Canadian citizen. She is always dreamt of being a singer but due to many hardships in life, it never happened. Then she realized her dream would not be realized until she took the first step. Now she did all.


Winnipeg MB Canada


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