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Anita Jointz


Anita Van Dinther, stage name Anita Jointz, grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is an upcoming Indigenous hip-hop artist who writes her own rhymes.  She has always been passionate about the local hip-hop scene and started attending hip-hop shows at 15.  Over the last 2 years while in college she started doing event plans, marketing plans, and grant applications for Artists and gained music industry experience and knowledge.  She recently graduated from Red River College with a Business Analyst degree and an elective in Management Principals.  The further she got into the music industry she realized the impact her words, skills and motivation have on others. 

She started an artist management/consulting and administrative business services called Ohm Management in October of 2020. She is combining her street smarts with her business knowledge. Anita Jointz has a powerful voice and instead of standing behind others while they speak their words, she wants a chance at this herself.  To be center stage and telling the world you are not alone.  Real life is hard, but you have to keep pushing through.  To save others with her music is a dream she wants to pursue. 

Her influences are Tupac, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Kevin Gates and Missy Elliott.  She loves her hip-hop music, but thinks it is time to address what the repercussions really are living this type of lifestyle.  Like her influences, she inspires to speak about what the real struggle is like.  To speak about what no one else wants to address.  To be real and relatable to her fans.  To use her words wisely and set an example for others.  She already has local artists interested in collaborating with her on releasing an EP.  Anita Jointz is well known in the underground Canadian Hip-Hop music scene and knows that she can succeed with some hard work and motivation.  With all her knowledge, support, resources and contacts her goal is to release her first single off an EP in early 2021.



Anita Jointz
Winnipeg MB Canada
IG: @anita_jointz

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