Alternative Indie Pop Singer/songwriter



Anna Hunter, also known as Annaxis, blends the dark and moody with catchy melodies and simple song structures.  A 15 year old singer-songwriter from Manitoba, Canada, she is influenced by eclectic artists. She has been compared to Kate Bush, Lana Del Ray, Lorde, and Florence & The Machine.

Two sides come out in her artistry: One is her reflective, keyboard based indie pop. the other a bright but deep indie rock driven by guitar.  Think 90’s Matador Records.  

In addition to writing songs, Anna has been involved in musical theatre.  She contributed original songs to different school pieces, and acted as a lead onstage in front of hundreds of people.  She also played in different local talent shows and busked at small functions in her community.  

The young artist is currently working to release her first album, with her first single "24 hours" already being out on all major streaming platforms.  She regularly updates her social media to exhibit her song ideas (she puts her demos on SoundCloud under Annaxis).  Anna is also co-writing different projects with other teen artists to be released in the future. 







"24 Hours"

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