Armed & Loaded

Alternative Indie Metal Rock

Armed & Loaded


Maeiou Roldan - Drums

Ren Bonifacio - Bass

Justin Barawid - Vocals

Jett Panganiban - Keys

Makaryo Signo - Rhythm

Reinell Runez - Lead

Jaimee Roldan - Manager

Uprising from your local Filipino Community, in August 2022 - the band had officially launched it's establishment. This new kid on the block consists of highly motivated individuals with elite talent dubbed "The All-Star Band". Each member coming from a diversified music repertoire, has found their ways into each other with one common goal, that is to ignite the flame that's been burning beneath them. To showcase their talent, music and passion and take their skills to the next level. To produce unique songs with all their musical influences combined, ranging from classical, to hiphop, to rock and some metal. In 3 months, the band has already created 2 original songs and on it's way to their 3rd single. Unfazed to set their foot on the big stage, the band's first appearance on the Kazeefest tour(Kamikazee - A well known rock band from the Phillipines), a sold out show with thousands of audiences as one of the front acts, the band has established it's name and was pronounced "the breakthrough artist". A month and a half later, the band has accomplished it's first paid concert and already reaping the seeds they sowed by signing up with Manitoba Music. Through this process, the band is now stepping outside of it's local Filipino Community and has now entered the Multi-cultural music scene taking their music to new heights.

The history of it's name "Armed & Loaded" is not to describe war or weapons but the meaning behind the name is that, this group of elite musicians are "Armed with Talent, and Loaded with Music". Their original songs reflect the description and nowhere among the lines of their song can be found with violence or weapons, and instead promoting inspiration and love. Their first original called "Musika"(tagalog or filipino translation of "Music", as written in tagalog) uplifts aspiring artists to keep moving forward and not give up on their hopes and dreams, written by their founder/drummer - Maeiou. Their 2nd single called "Welcome Home" also written by Maeiou was about his former lover abandonning him in bitterness and on his darkest days, begging her to come back home, hence the title. 

These songs have been already been manifested along the covers they reinvented. The band is already in the works of recording these originals and at the right time may be released in all music platforms.

For bookings and inquiries, please contact our manager Jaimee Roldan or email us at


Maeiou Roldan
Winnipeg MB Canada R3C1C
1 204 229 1577
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Welcome Home - Armed & Loaded by Armed & Loaded

The Fight Is Over - Urbandub(Armed & Loaded cover) by Armed & Loaded

Musika - Armed & Loaded live concert by Armed & Loaded

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Mr Clay - Bamboo cover by Armed & Loaded by Armed & Loaded

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