Arnold J.

Acoustic Folk Indie Singer/songwriter

Arnold J.


I'm a singer-songwriter based in Winnipeg, Canada. If I'm not writing music or experimenting with sounds that cut across different genres, you might find me playing at gigs and shows around Winnipeg! My artistry simply involves different colors of paint with a brush, a clean drawing board, and me as the artist. I smear the brush arbitrarily, and then draw whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it’s about love, other times it’s about philosophy. Sometimes it’s about a blonde nurse waving at me from a river canoe, other times it’s just me waving at no one. Sometimes it’s about everything, other times it’s about nothing. There is no clear format, and why should there be? Who defines the rules? I mean even the Universe is predisposed to disorderliness.

In a nutshell I'm a one–winged angel with many faces, and I wear them all with my chest held high haha


Arnold Osei
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 431 866 6303


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