Country Folk Roots Singer/songwriter



Bernadette is a singer-songwriter, philosopher, comedian, story-teller.  Born into a family of musicians, poets, artists and other creative souls, Bernadette was raised on porch tunes and old country torch songs.  She describes herself as a card-carrying member of the "Grandma Moses Club" (old dogs doing new tricks!!)

Musicial influences include her pa, Willie Nelson, Patty Griffin, Emmylou, Dolly and Elton.  Her tunes include many originals as well as cover tunes from a wide variety of genres.

With her story-teller's voice and the ability to take a song and put her own spin on it - she'll have you hearing a familiar song as if for the first time.

Bernadette believes that music is meant to be personal and it's meant to be shared.  She wants her music to make a connection, to build a bridge, to open a conversation.  To make you laugh, cry, question ... to make you feel!

She has shared her music as a local busker, at markets, community cafe's, coffeehouses, summer patios and fresh-air venues, watering holes and private functions. 

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