Christian Pop Singer/songwriter



BOMBA is an emerging music producer based in Winnipeg, Canada. Inspired by human emotion and connection, BOMBA seeks to create music that will connect with people's stories. The musician seeks to bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style.  Bomba is also the Worship/Music Pastor of New City Church, Winnipeg.

With his upcoming release "Come Alive", on August 28th, BOMBA delivers an inspiring and uplifting message, in the midst of troubling times. Its primary message is, simply, "Things will get better". The single will be available on all streaming platforms.

The music video (also being released this Friday), was shot in Winnipeg and uniquely highlights "normal/every day" scenarios to communicate that hope is for everyone. Deriving from BOMBA's vulnerability, the message of the video will resonate with anyone.

With the release of Lost - The Experience (2019), BOMBA takes us on an intimate and personal journey, acknowledging and exposing the raw and vulnerable emotions during what he describes as the darkest time of his life". Crafting each track of the project became in itself a form of therapy. Emotive lyrics backed by piano, strings and ambient guitars set the stage for honest and poignant lyrics to create expressions of spoken word, music and audio dramas used to narrate Bomba's own personal experiences. The result finds other connecting and reflecting on their own. 

"The message in the music is much bigger than me. It tells my story while connecting with others to form an even more remarkable story—the story of human emotion and connection. I see myself as the background of that message. I'm just one small part of it, and I want the listener to feel that in the music."



Bomba Ng'andu
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 590 6654

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