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In this country where plaid shirts collide with leather jackets and lulu lemons, there exists a band that alters the laws of music physics. Meet CAR287, a band so diverse in their influences that their spotify wrapped would look like a battle between Muse and The Tragically Hip, refereed by John Fogerty!

This rockin' rollercoaster ride began in 2014 when Jay Yarmey (Vocals and Acoustic Guitar), Travis Wog (Vocals and Lead Guitar) and Terry Ferguson (Bass) joined with former drummer John Kyriakopoulos in a basement in central Winnipeg to become an eclectic cover band.  In the intervening years they honed their skills playing everything from backyard bbqs to barroom brawlers and galas...channeling the spirit of 70's rock and inde darlings of the 2000s.

Fast forward to 2021: after years of covering everyone else's hits the band decided it was high time to create some of their own!  Fueled by a mix of nostalgia, rock ambition and many nights of covid isolation they started writing their own original music.  It was like opening a musical Pandora's Box - suddenly the riffs were flying, lyrics were flowing and they realized that they could write their own songs and play gigs that didnt include "Here for a Good Time" requests.

By 2024 (after an EP Release in 2022) CAR287 was ready to take the plunge with their debut album of original tracks.  The album "Through the Lens" will drop in the fall of 2024. If the early review from moms are anything to go on, its going to be a smash hit.  Think of the album as a mix tape by someone with a serious case of musical multiple personality disorder - but in the best way possible!!   

So buckle up and get ready to be swept away by Jay's booming vocals, Ryan's relentless drumming, Travis' epic solos and Terry's thumping basslines.  We are ready to prove that cover bands can move into that original world and rock it!!  And we promise not to play Here for a Good Time......(not that its a bad song....we are just done with it)



Terrence Ferguson
280 Waterfront Drive Apt 202 Winnipeg MB Canada R3B0C2
1 204 782 0581

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