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Can you ever start writing original music too late?  The fans of this five piece rock band from central Canada don’t think so!  Come with them as they record, release and perform their unique brand of Canadian rock music! The band writes about socially relevant issues from the times we live in.  The songs are underpinned by echoes of musical influences like The Tragically Hip, The Killers and sounds that span the last 5 decades of rock.

The band’s genesis is a familiar story: 4 people get together in 2014 in a Winnipeg basement trying to recreate the music of their idols.  The addition of Derek Gaboury’s keys in 2019 opened up a new dimension for the band’s music.  In 2023  drummer Ryan Olenick joined Derek and the 3 original members: Jay Yarmey (Vocals/Acoustic), Travis Wog (Guitar/Vocals) and Terry Ferguson (Bass).  The band has continued writing music at a rapid pace, and will be recording a new album in Spring of 2024.  

2024should be a  big year for this 5 piece.  Look for shows and a new album release in the fall of 2024.


Terrence Ferguson
280 Waterfront Drive Apt 202 Winnipeg MB Canada R3B0C2
1 204 782 0581

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